About Me

I’m an urban organic gardener, recipe developer, garden educator, author and founder of Urban Farm and Kitchen, a food blog dedicated to seasonal garden-to-table recipes. My mission is to guide and help anyone on their gardening and food-growing journey. I grow thousands of pounds of organic food in raised beds, containers, gutter systems and other ingenious space-saving methods. No garden is too small to grow!

I am passionate about the garden-to-table movement. With a large online following, I share abundant harvests, some tips and tricks as well culinary creations and recipes. I have been featured in articles, print and digital media (Toronto Life, Food52, Medium, Angi). I have also worked with several brands including Premier Tech (Pro-mix), Home Hardware, Kubota Canada and many others. I am based in Toronto, Canada though my client base is international.

Functionality + Aesthetics = Good Design

When I’m designing a beautiful productive garden for a client, I balance both form and function to achieve a garden that is teaming with variety and aesthetically pleasing. You do not have to sacrifice beauty for abundance, or vice versa. Learn more about my Garden Design and Coaching Services.

The ever-changing face of Social Media

Social Media platforms are in constant flux. Brands simply don’t have the time and ability to keep up with the trends and changes, let alone create compelling and beautiful content that showcases their products and services. I love working with brands that share my values. Learn more about my content and media services.